Jun 16, 2014

My Blood Might Pickle You

What blood type are you? Do you know?

Would you be a little apprehensive if a doctor was to put any blood in you, in order to get you going again. I would be. I mean, blood is red, and it is all from the blood family..

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Posted by: Danielle

I like you :), but I am not sure it would help you if we were to swap blood; mine might pickle you.

Printer ink (for inkjet machines) and toner (for lasers) has the same problem.

Printers, like our bodies, have unique ways of magnetising, dripping, melting, sealing, and drying. After all a printer has a comprehensive process of transferring your favourite image or text onto the paper, and technology has advanced so much that... Oh sorry. Am I boring you?

I get so excited about the concept of printers and how they transfer your message to share with your world. You probably don't. You probably are far more concerned about getting your message to the world than how it actually happens. I get that.

So I will put it simply - if getting your message to the world needs to get out to your world and you don't have time to run around fixing printer and cartridge leaks, breakages, replacements or at worst (and likely) printer replacements then don't put cheap refills into your printer. It WILL shorten the life of your printer - I have 15 years of experience seeing it so - and printers cannot be recycled. They go to landfill.

Yellow is not necessarily yellow, the same way my blood is definitely not the same as yours.

Genuine toners and inks are built to serve the machine they were designed for.

If printing costs are getting you down there are other ways to save - both time and money. Don't hesitate to use our combined 30+ years (that's 15 years each) to make your printing experience delightful by calling us to see how we can help.

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