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Feb 11, 2014

Pro Inks - we love, love, love!

Pro ink is the cool new technology for business printing, it’s cheaper to buy, to print and we love it.

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Posted by: Danielle

Professional ink is also called ink-in-the-office and is the new technology sweeping the desktop printing world.

This new technology of quick drying, low smudge ink printers have sharp printing that is similar to laser printers. They can be extremely quick (especially when printing on draft) and very cheap to print with.

It is still printing ink technology but it is not the same as a photo ink printer. If you want to print a photo on a professional ink printer it is wise to use the same brand photo paper as the printer, but we do recommend photo printers for photos and professional ink printers for office and general home printing. We have tried printing on Epson photo paper in a HP printer and had disastrous results. The brands specifically build their paper to absorb the ink that they create.

Professional ink printers have a higher duty cycle (the rating that determines how hard a printer should / could work until it is overloaded). They are cheaper to build and therefore cheaper to buy than a laser printer.

Some brands of professional ink printers even have A3 capability and their cartridges are extra high yield, often holding more prints (at 5%) than the cheaper laser printers.

Our tip?

“In the coming years, consumers and businesses wanting printers under $1000 that have great quality and speed will choose Professional Ink Printers and the market dominance of laser printers under $1000 will decline.”

We have three professional ink printers and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

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