Sep 5, 2013

Buying the Right Printer

When the AAPO team asked us for our top tip we had just had a conversation with an organiser that buying the right printer is fraught with danger...

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Posted by: Danielle

Some of her questions were:

What if it doesn't do what I want?
What if it costs too much to run?
What if it is too hard to install?

It can be fraught with danger if you speak to someone who isn't a printer specialist.

Danielle and the team have worked hard to identify the right questions to ask you when you are ready to buy a new printer and know just what to recommend and sell you when you need it.

Here is Danielle (below) at the recent AAPO conference talking about buying the right printer to suit your needs. (Have a look at that fabulous new post-head-shave short hair style!)

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