May 7, 2013

Using the right paper - Printing Tips

The right paper can make a huge difference.

Category:TCF Printing Tips 
Posted by: Danielle

We have been raving about the new professional ink printers, suitable for home or office use, they are cutting the costs of printing in half (and more) for many consumers. The customers that purchase printers from us always get a recommendation of the most suitable papers for the printer that they buy.

Take for example the HP Professional Ink range. HP have a ColorLok everyday paper (that is the same price as the other general papers) that makes an outstanding difference to the quality of print because they are designed to work best with the inks in the printer.

Double A paper is a great paper to use if you are using a laser machine, as the sides are cut on a diamond angle and have less paper dust.

And Brother photo paper far surpasses any other brand on performance in Brother printers.

Our recommendation, use the right paper for the job.

If you want to know what our recommendation is for your printer, please email or call our team.