Apr 4, 2013

Ink is like blood - Printing Tips

Ink is like blood, it should be shared with great care.

Category:TCF Printing Tips 
Posted by: Danielle

Danielle often tells our loyal customers that using the wrong ink can have the same disastrous results as swapping blood with her – you could end up pickled!

Yellow ink is not simply yellow ink. Many people tell us that ink is expensive (and sometimes, with a bad choice of printer, it can be) and it can be tempting to save money using compatible cartridges.

Ink, like blood, has a composition that suits the printer and is designed to flow, run and dry at a certain speed. Many, many times we have seen ink printers print amazing new colours when one ink head leaks and another absorbs the colour.

Don’t end up in a pickle using compatible or remanufactured inks. Talk to us, there might be a better printer - that you will LOVE. Donna Hanson, David Price and 100 other people tells us regularly that their new HP Professional ink printer gives them joy every time they print. And cost per print is significantly lower than contemporary ink jet printers.

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