Feb 4, 2013

Mobile Printing Webinar

Being able to print on the spot is a sweet advantage for anyone who takes their laptop to see potential clients. Financial service providers, MLM, Party Planners and sales people can all enjoy the convenience of printing contracts, order forms and more.

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Posted by: Danielle

A Brother A4 mobile printer is smaller than a third of most laptops and fits conveniently into a laptop bag. It can be powered by battery, car or AC power too. Trustworthy thermal paper means that there is no carrying a stash of inks either.

Want to know more?

Danielle Storey, from The Cartridge Family will be holding a no charge webinar this Thursday at 11am. This is webinar not a sell-fest, simply an educational on Mobile Printing.

Simply register on this link (even if you can’t make it, I will send you the link to watch later). Everyone who attends the live “call” will receive a sweet surprise in the mail.

I look forward to sharing this incredible technology with you.