Jan 17, 2013

Loyalty Reaps Rewards - Printing Tips

People often ask how we can compete with the large retail chains. Here's how:

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Posted by: Danielle

If you are purchasing ink and toner from a large retail chain it is likely that they are making large profits from you by:

a)      Buying in bulk, getting rebates and huge discounts from the distributors and OEMs.

b)      Only marketing the lower yield inks that have no price parity to the high yield inks (they have a higher cost per page), making more money and making you come back more often

c)       Selling you compatible toners and inks that have a 75% markup, and/or

d)      Selling you cheap printers that have more expensive inks and toners.

Loyalty to an ink and toner reseller who might charge a little bit more than the internet (and often overseas) resellers will yield other bonuses that are worth far more than that $5.

These bonuses include:

  • OEM promotions (currently HP are offering $25 and $30 vouchers that can be claimed online and spent in a large number of Australian stores.)
  • Emergency “Help I have run out and have to print this widget brochure right away” dashes or urgent courier deliveries.
  • Outstanding communication, customer delight and problem solving (such as, “Help,my printer stopped printing and I don’t know what to do”.)
  • Extensive new printer knowledge so that you never have to feel that pain again.

Thank you for being loyal to The Cartridge Family - We'll Look After You.